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SoHa Sanctuary

A Healing House & Spiritual Center

A home away from home for your Retreats, Staycations, Ceremonies, Rites of Passage, Cleanses, Support Circles, Energy Healings, Sound Baths, & So Much More!

Coming Soon

We are currently working on an off grid, holistic, establishment to host a community of beings and onsite food production.  The vision continues to grow daily and will be in a constant state of evolution.  This will be a Non Profit establishment for the benefit of all.  We're still in the designing phases and are working on our Grant Proposals and Sacred Geometrical layout.


We'll be incorporating Permaculture principles and are working on a watershed design to encourage ground water absorption and plant irrigation.  We plan to do without a well and will have a catchment and grey water system in place.  As it stands, we see ourselves getting started with earthbags for the first dwelling.


We're located about 90 mins outside of Tucson, AZ.  If you know of any one who'd like to volunteer time or donate supplies, we would be more than grateful.  We are open to bartering and work trades. 


We will regularly host a number of events once our "doors" are open, and probably sooner for those interested in camping.  Whether you are looking to pull yourself out of the system, or you just need a time out, this will be a place you can find and cultivate serenity.


Be Sure to Check Back

Keep an eye out for updates and events.  We'll post our progression, so you can see the build as we go along.  Great for anyone interested in Sustainable building.  We will tackle things like:

construction set up

project management

water catchment

grey water systems

thermal heating & cooling



sacred geometry

animal raising

outdoor food production

greenhouse growing

solar panel installs

adaptation & survival

heirloom seed saving

It's important that we, not only promote holistic healing, but that we teach people what Holistic truly means.  We don't feel like we can run an establishment for the benefit of all beings, if we don't take into account all the pieces from the ground up.  I'm sure we'll make "mistakes" or compromises along the way, but never for profit or at the expense of the environment or community.  We will strive to make the best choices with what the Universe provides.For those of you who have asked how to donate, here are a few links:



To those of you who have already donated, words cannot describe how it has filled my heart.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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