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Stephanie Olga

Yogini,  Wellness Provider,  Educator,  &  Source Healer

With a desire to heal, Stephanie entered into the world of Mental Health with the Denver Children’s Home and the Denver Mental Healthcare Center.  With one foot in the door at CSU for the PhD Counseling program, the constant feeling like something was missing lead Stephanie on a very different path.  She spent over a decade traveling internationally to learn different cultural perspectives on life, health, and how to keep it.

Being a constant seeker by nature, she found opportunities to train with powerful Shamans, energy workers, and teachers from around the globe.  She's made an effort to study numerous lineages, traditions, religions, and techniques in an attempt to get closer to Source and find her Truth.  Along the way, after thousands of hours of training, she was certified, initiated, attuned, and activated.  Since then, she's taught and studied in Indonesia, India, Nepal, Australia, Hungary, Sri Lanka, & Dubai, and has hosted and participated in a number of workshops, special events, retreats, and Yoga Teacher Training's across the US.  

Stephanie has now come full circle and re-entered the world of Mental & Behavioral Health.  She incorporates methodology to help clients who are struggling with diagnoses such as: PTSD, addiction, depression, chronic anxiety, and body dysmorphia, to process their Trauma.


She works to create a safe, comfortable environment and to equip individuals with the tools necessary to release their fears, unlock their subconscious, and reclaim their power. She also use yoga and vibrational sound therapy to help those suffering with physical discomfort due ailments such as: rheumatism, sciatica, scoliosis, inflammation, sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and injury.


In addition to teaching Yoga & Meditation techniques, Stephanie loves to help others achieve their optimum level of health by finding their Wellness Frequency!  This program is individually tailored to help elevate your cellular vibration and optimize your well being.  When the cells are happy, healthy and hydrated, they can thrive creating healthy organs, healthy systems, and, thus, a healthy body.


No matter who you are, what age, what level, or what your goals may be, Stephanie will show up with compassion and grace in order to help guide you through your next transformation.  Whether you're trying to raise the collective consciousness or find simplicity, everything is designed to help exceed your expectations.  So Happy, So Healthy, SO Harmonious! 

Over the last few decades, I’ve researched and studied a number of subjects. 

A few of which include:


Quantum Mechanics, Epigenetics, Neurogenesis, Cognitive Training, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel, Psychology, Sociology, Addiction, Trauma Recovery, Gender Roles in ancient and modern society, Shamanism, Occultism, Vedanta, Tantra, Yoga, Taoism, Buddhism, Spiritualism, Transcendentalism, Channeling, Energy Medicine, Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Herbalism & Nutrition, Anatomy, Caloric Restriction, Sustainability, Permaculture & BioGeometry.

I finally feel I have an idea of what it takes to become truly holistic.  Since the dawn of consciousness, vibrations and sounds have shaped our very existence.  By harmonizing with them, you will learn much more, go much deeper, and feel much better than you imagined possible.  Let me help you develop a well rounded approach to raise your vibration and find your Wellness Frequency. 



If you have yoga experience, please feel free to contact me for an appointment.  I'd be honored to have the opportunity to guide you deeper into the practice by bringing intent and awareness to each movement. Practitioners with less experience, can often find today's Western Style Yoga classes a bit daunting.


I aim to reintroduce Traditional Yogic Philosophy, making yoga available to every level of practitioner. The idea is to practice from a noncompetitive, non-target oriented frame of mind.  By practicing this way, you'll have the opportunity to access the depth of each posture as well as the very core of your being.  This approach gently challenges you to find peace in a seemingly stressful situation, highlighting your innate ability to do the same off the mat.

By regularly incorporating Yoga techniques into your daily routine, you will detoxify the body and mind  and balance both your metabolic and immune systems. Regular practitioners often lose weight, have more energy, and sleep better.  Practicing also creates new neural pathways, helping prevent neurological decay and improve cognition! In addition to the physical benefits, the psychological and spiritual healing that occurs with regular practice is unique and transformative. 


Meditation is perhaps the most crucial element in harnessing the power of thought, cultivating peace, clarity, and happiness. While everyone says they want to be happy, many struggle to find their way to a more joyful life.  By committing to a practice you will learn a number of techniques to help clear away old mental and emotional habit patterns, allowing you to detach, forgive, and heal.

I offer guided sessions of varying lengths, dependent upon your goals and schedule. During these sessions, I might suggest a variety of visualizations, incorporate vibrational sound healing, and include the use of essential oils, crystals, and candles. You will practice becoming mindful of your respiration and the sensations of the body. In the beginning, it can be psychologically challenging as we observe countless patterns of repetitive thoughts and emotions. However, as you develop the skill and stamina to sit for longer periods, you will notice your awareness dropping from the mind into the core and energy centers. The more frequently we practice, the easier it gets to repeat the process with increased speed and efficiency.

Sound Healing

Vibrational tuning, or sound healing, is a noninvasive alternative used to treat illnesses, trauma, fatigue, grief, and chronic pain from a variety of complications by bringing the cells back to a higher, healthier frequency.  These higher frequencies can stimulate immune functions, relieve headaches, improve blood flow, flush toxins, reduce the effects of stress, and cope with a variety of pollution.  Science now shows that chemical solutions like pharmaceuticals are less than 98% effective by the time the message is received, while Vibrational Therapy is almost 99% percent effective.  AND it's effective almost immediately without negative side effects!

Sound Healing sessions can be tailored to a group or individual and may include the use of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Drums, Chimes, Nepalese Metal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Strings, Flutes, and a variety of other tools & instruments.  Many often report being transported to a space outside of the body, deep into another realm of consciousness.  Others simply notice a lack of pain and fatigue, and a select few have even experienced partial levitation.  You will definitely have a unique and blissful experience.


Yoga Nidra is an immensely powerful and incredibly restorative technique derived from ancient tantric process of nyasa.  This systematic rotation of consciousness enables you to remain aware while you enter into the dream and sleeping states of consciousness.  While many instructors may only use the sound of their voice, I’ll also be using a collection of sound healing instruments to elevate your frequencies and drop you into a slower brain wave pattern, enabling you to experience exalted states of higher consciousness.  When correctly structured and practiced, a Yoga Nidra practice can even help you overcome, anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, and addiction.


The technique is practical and easily accessible, while creating deep relaxation for health, mental peace and higher awareness.  No experience necessary.  All levels welcome.  Beginners can think of it as a guided relaxation to a meditative state

Energy Healings

While energy cannot be created or destroyed, this life force can become weak or blocked, creating a cascade of imbalances. An energy healing can help to restore balance by encouraging the body to eliminate toxins and reduce stress reactions caused by the nervous system, both of which help strengthen your immune system.

During a healing session, it’s common to enter a very deep state of relaxation. At this level of tranquility, your brain waves slow to a speed that's been known to elevate levels of the Human Growth hormone. This hormone, produced by the pituitary gland, promotes cell regeneration and triggers systems within the body that encourage it to heal itself.

You may feel strong currents moving through different parts of your body. This is often followed by an increase in energy, reduction of pain, and a general feeling of well being. Reiki is suitable for humans and pets of all ages. 

Chakra Balancing

The Sanskrit word, Chakra, is often used when describing the energetic vortices found running along the center line of the body.  There are additional clusters found outside the body as well as at locations where the body's energy lines come together at places such as the knees, elbows, hands, feet, and ears.  Modern science has developed techniques to prove what ancient Eastern practitioners  have known for generations.  There are numerous channels that run throughout the physical and energy bodies.

Ideally, the subtle energies should be able to move freely and evenly.

Unfortunately, imbalances and blockages often go unnoticed until they lead to discomfort or pain.  On occasion, an imbalance in a chakra will become expressed in the endocrine gland coupled with it.  Therefore, keeping the energy centers open can help properly regulate the body keeping all the systems healthy.

During a session, to elevate your body's vibrational frequency and encourage additional healing, Essential Oils, Sound Healing, Reiki and Minerals can be used at your request.  You will leave feeling realigned, peaceful, and relaxed.  

Operating in a balanced, high vibrational state can help you keep stress levels down and even activate different states of dimensional awareness. 

Essential Oils

For thousands of years, humans all over the globe have been using essential oils for their therapeutic properties. Essential oils offer a natural way to restore your body's healthy electromagnetic frequency. They help to detox the body, elevate mood, and dispel negative emotions. Essential oils can also be used to encourage better sleep, further promoting the healing process.

Because the molecules of the oils are so small, they enter the body quite rapidly, allowing beneficial effects to become evident almost immediately. Other countries use essential oils as part of medical treatments regularly covered by insurance companies. The Japanese filter specific oils thru ventilation systems to improve productivity and prevent illness, and French medical students are required to study aromatherapy.

Most pharmaceuticals are just synthetics manufactured to mimic natural compounds found in essential plant oils. These chemical alternatives are typically less effective and come with a list of adverse side effects. You can use essential oils to help with: bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, depression, seizures, muscle cramps, acne, joint pain, respiratory problems, headaches, allergies, eczema, and many other ailments. If you're wondering whether you would benefit from an essential oils treatment or custom products, please feel free to email me with any questions.


Have you been struggling to lose weight?  Do you crash mentally halfway through the day?  Do you wake up lethargic and feeling mentally cloudy?  Many people associate this with poor sleep or strenuous lifestyle, but in all actuality, these feelings or sensations are likely due to inadequate consumption choices.  Stress may also be a contributing factor, but consider for a moment, that some of your stress may be caused by poor dietary decisions.

Nutritional guidance is an important component of any health program. Individuals who become aware of their eating habits will be better equipped to resist illness and maintain internal harmony. By altering what and when you ingest certain substances, you can decrease fatigue, reduce stress, look and feel younger, stimulate digestion, eliminate free radicals, and boost your immune system.  You will also establish a health pH and encourage weight loss.

As we progress, you’ll be provided with suggestions as to how to make realistic and sustainable changes, with substitutions customized to fit your lifestyle. You’ll receive information about the foods you are currently eating versus the ones you might want to consider. Over time, you will become more confident building meal plans for you and your family.   You'll also come to realize that better food choices make you not just healthier but happier!


I will use a combination of space clearing techniques.  I will use a number of tools, plants, instruments, to move energy around and change the frequency of the space. 


For Light Clearings:

It’s advisable to do this at least 4 times a year on a grand scale.  Personally, I love a mini session at least once a week!  We might need to move some furniture around and do some light cleaning as well.

For Substantial Energy Shifts:

Often times after a loved one passes or when we purchase a new place w/o fully understanding the energetic imprints left behind, a space might feel very dense, inhabited, or negatively charged.  For this, we can do a mini release ceremony to move that energy and allow vibrations currently harmonious with your path to fill the pace. 

As you change, it's advisable to re-clear the space to allow the transformations to continue!

I may also recommend that items in the space be relocated for a number of reasons.  Complete space redesigns available for those who want to maximize peace as well as productivity.    


Whether you want help bringing your vision to light with support and guidance, or you want to surrender to the experience, there are a number of ways to celebrate with your tribe.

We have support circles, full & new moon gatherings, equinox and solstice celebrations.  If you need to purify or talk with the plants, there are a number of options to choose from.  There are also opportunities for those who want to celebrate as they near the end of their current physical journey. 



Channeling Services available to intuit messages from Source!


Whether you've ever had your cards read before, or you want to try for the first time, we'll pull a spread with the intention to gain insight and clarification for you to better answer your questions, navigate your situation, or help you find peace as you move forward.  This can be done in person or remotely. You can request traditional Tarot cards, Oracle cards, or leave it open for the Universe to decide. Either way, I'll start by doing a Meditation and Smudge to clear the space and remove any energy that could disrupt the flow of communication.


A hand reading will often reveal your tendencies, characteristics, preferences, like learning about your natal chart or doshas.  By becoming aware of our patterns we can alter them to overcome weaknesses and maximize our strengths and talents.  They can also be done remotely, but you'll need someone else to help you with photos.

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