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One of a kind malas, uniquely made with the purest intentions and highest quality stones.  Unless otherwise requested, they come with a 108 beads and will be individually, hand knotted.  I've designed some to be worn around your wrist and some around your neck.  Whether you want to use your mala for Meditation, Channeling, Charging, or Ceremony, you will quickly develop a love for the power of these stones.  For those of you new to working malas, crystals, or earthstones, please feel free to reach out with any questions.  

Custom Orders always available.  If you need your mala by a certain date, please be sure to leave some time for the manifesting process.  Whether it's for you or someone you love, we will go through a thorough checklist to make sure you get the right energetic components best suited to its owner including:  stones, colors, length, weight, & intended use.


This is much more than a jewelry purchase!

Once completed, I sit with them for an energy exchange to infuse them with your request and listen for any messages being transmitted.  Then they are smudged and laid to rest.  No one will be allowed to touch them unless you approve. 

made with Mantra, Reiki, & Love!

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