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Help us get our new doors open, so we can get even bigger better events back on the calendar!


All Hands On Deck for This Volunteer Opportunity

Come meet our local community support team that rallies to helps one another each month.  If you're interested and willing to help, we will put you to use.  Lunch will be provided, snacks and desserts welcome.  Please check back for updates and timing, as we'll need to check the weather when it gets closer.  If you're worried about not having the right experience, don't be, and if you just want to come and meet some new peeps, maybe consider brining a side dish to share with the crew.
I'm also considering an outdoor movie night!!  If there's enough interest and the weather permits, we can use the projector and the side of the conex.  I'll supply the popcorn and a grill!
We'll get a fire going and can colab on some dinner.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out any time.  My direct contact info is
love, love, love

So Harmonious, an established healing center, is looking forward to opening the doors to the SoHa Sanctuary. We are currently working on a HOLISTIC, off grid establishment to host a community of beings, workshops, onsite food production, and so much more! This is a Non Profit establishment for the benefit of all.

We've already begun and are busy busy. We’d like to begin hosting volunteers and educational workshops for our surrounding communities as soon as possible. When we say holistic, we really mean it. If the land that grows the food isn’t healthy, the food isn’t nutritious. If our foods lack valuable nutrients, then we won’t be equipped with the necessary ingredients that help make us the best version of ourselves. If we aren’t operating at our highest potential, then we aren’t offering ourselves or those around us the level of quality output we all deserve.

So here we are, trying to tie all the pieces together, and we desperately need your help!

One big dream we have involves providing work for those who find they don’t align with traditional employment opportunities especially for those with an autistic diagnosis and sober veterans who feel as if they don’t fit into today’s mainstream culture.


Part of the vision we’re cultivating involves waking people up to beneficial aspects of self reliance and community. Currently, the majority of people in the west have been taught to depend on a supply chain that could very easily break down for a number of reasons. We’d like everyone poised and ready to be successful. We also think it’s important to teach individuals the importance of and how to decrease their carbon footprint.

Another aspect of the holistic template we'd like to cultivate at our healing center is preventative healthcare. For too long we’ve been taught not to be concerned about our health until we lose it. It would benefit most if we could look at how our actions in this moment could prevent a future decline in health. Let’s promote genuine Health Care, instead of today’s sick care regulated by big pharma.


Additionally, to bring the holistic circle together, we’d like to help people remember the truth and magic of who and what they truly are. We are very much looking forward to having a meditation hall and space to host classes and workshops to encourage introspection and aid in the transformation of those who seek it.


The Design:

We’ll be incorporating Regenerative and Permaculture principles to re-green our desert oasis. We have a watershed design to encourage ground water absorption and plant irrigation, and we will have catchment and grey water systems in place.


The Classes:

construction set up & break down

project management

water catchment

water purification

grey water systems

thermal heating & cooling



sacred geometrical layouts

animal raising

outdoor food production

subterranean / geothermal greenhouse

solar panel installs

survival & adaptation

heirloom seed saving

road restoration & base improvement

barn raising


earthbag hyperadobe builds & finishing

cob and adobe construction

earthship inspired principles

tractor maintenance and repair

seasonal readiness



how to be / remain sovereign

C5 contact

SoHa Sanctuary read more about what we've already invested in and what we're currently in need of, click below:


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