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So Harmonious

Alternative Healing, Meditation,
& So Much More


"You can tell through her teaching that Stephanie is very passionate about what she does. It's a pleasure to be around her and take her classes. She was always mindful of the abilities of the students so we were safe, yet we were pushed out of our comfort zones."    


"I had a great experience! Stephanie is very knowledgeable and really caters a program to your needs. As someone who does not have a lot of experience with practicing yoga, she made sure I felt comfortable during the classes. She’s an active teacher, meaning she takes the time to explain the poses and transitions. You won’t have to guess how to do something in her classes. Stephanie has a calming yet joyful attitude, which made it so much easier to have a good time in her classes!"    


"Stephanie is just amazing! She really listens to your issues and provides personalized care to your specific needs. Her expertise in eastern and western medicine is comprehensive and extremely beneficial. Whether it be yoga, Reiki healing or meditation, she is very thorough, gentle, and kind. I have benefited from all three practices, but I will say that the Reiki session was the most eye-opening and very powerful.  Stephanie embodies a spirit of compassion, warmth, and sincerity. I immediately felt a strong sense of trust, which is necessary for this kind of work. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who is in need of some positive energy. I will definitely return!"    


"Stephanie is an amazing teacher. Her classes are reflection of her daily practice and determination in what she does. Love the peace she brings with her teaching and feeling afterwards. I definitely learned a lot from just a few classes!"    


"​Absolutely amazing experience! Stephanie is a great instructor and has a wonderful energy. She is awesome at making me feel very comfortable and is very patient with me, a yoga beginner. Every time I leave one of her sessions I feel calm, focused and completely centered. I definitely recommend her private sessions to everyone!"  


"I have just started taking sessions with Stephanie. I was extremely pleased and surprised how much relief I felt in just the first session. She was able to guide me through a gentle meditative yoga session. We've been working on releasing stress through a series of breathing exercises that I can use in real life situations and re-aligning my spine so I can stand taller. I am seeing a huge transformation in my overall moods as I am a person who has suffered from depression and extremely high anxiety. Stephanie's quality of work is excellent and will bend over backwards to meet your needs as long as you are open and willing to work with her as well. Fantastic experience thus far!"    


"I had a wonderful opportunity of having Stephanie in my life a few summers ago. We worked together at the time, and she was extremely warm, caring and her positive presence was very welcoming.  I knew nothing about yoga.  I was a beginner, beginner!   We would meet in the mornings before work and she was so gentle with teaching me the moves, not just showing me but helping me get into them and be properly positioned so I wouldn't hurt myself.  I truly feel anyone who has Stephanie in their presence will be better for it; rather its with Yoga, Reiki or with her Aromatherapy.  I wish I could continue working with Stephanie in all facets of her career and what she has to offer.  My attitude was better over all because of the positive energy she radiates.  Her knowledge, and willing to share was very enlightening.  We would also talk about the Chakra and inner balance.   Your true healing transformation starts with Stephanie.  I am not one to usually write comments and I feel it would be selfish of me to not share the wonderful experience of working with Stephanie and taking the first step into a journey I only hope will continue to bring peace to me in my journey of positive, present living."    -Lynne-

"I had a wonderfully detoxifying reiki session with Stephanie.  Her space is warm and welcoming and so is she!  We had a great flow of energy take place and I felt amazingly focused and clean the next day.  I went to her for the lingering effects of Lyme disease- minor aches, mental fog, fatigue, detox issues. I would love to see her for yoga and aromatherapy to integrate into reiki healing.  She is a born healer and obviously loves it!"    


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