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Master Classes

For those of you looking to deepen your own knowledge and practice, so you can teach and better the lives of others.  These classes are ongoing and can be adjusted to your schedule.  They're tailored to meet you at your current level of comprehension.  These Master Classes are uniquely designed to go much more in depth than a typical workshop. Please contact me to discuss timing and prices.  Available for individuals and groups.


Vibrational Therapy

Master Sound Class

You may have also heard the terms Sound Healing or Gong Bath.  All of these typically refer to a method of using sound waves for deep relaxation and healing.  This class is for those of you who want to understand how and why this works.  You will learn:

-the basics of sound, binaural applications, & toning 

-how to use vibrational frequencies to induce a trance like state for subconscious programing

-solfeggio frequencies 

-the applications of addiction and trauma recovery

-the art of the Gong

-how to properly play Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

-a number of instruments and techniques for sound journeys

-how the cells and energy anatomy are effected

Yoga, the Art & Science of
Self Mastery

What you won't learn in a Western YTT.  For those of you who've always known there was more, learn to find out how to access what you've felt was missing.  Come and learn to find the Truth and open the doors of Self Actualization or what many call enlightenment!  This is not your typical posture clinic.

Yoga Master Class

Reiki, Seichem, & Source Attunements

Reiki Master Class

Learn to Properly dial yourself in and connect to source.  This is not a couple hours over the course of a weekend for a paper certificate.  Please be prepared to put in the time to mastering your own energy field, so that you may align yourself with the flow of All things enhancing the lives and energy fields you come in contact with.  You will learn:

-meaning and history of Reiki, and its "branches"

-symbols, how and when to use them

-levels/attunments and what they mean

-to understand how treatments can aid in the reduction of pain, depression, grief, and other physical and emotional symptoms 

-the precepts or principles  

-how to teach Reiki to beginners and children


If you've always wondered how to increase or improve your use of essential oils for applications such as:

-mood enhancement 

-air purification



-meridian and chakra balancing

-chronic ailments



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